Sizing Guide

We believe that every piece of jewellery should fit you perfectly, reflecting your unique style and personality. To ensure that you find the ideal fit without leaving your home, our comprehensive sizing guide provides easy step-by-step instructions for measuring yourself accurately.

Effective Ways To Measure Ring Size

Ring Sizer Tool:

Utilizing a ring sizer is one of the most accurate methods. We provide ring sizer tools on our website, ensuring precise measurements. When customers order our ring sizer, it comes with a unique discount code. Once they've measured their finger, they can apply this discount at checkout, deducting the cost of the sizer from their ring purchase.

You can purchase our ring sizing tool here.

String Measurement Method:

For a DIY approach, customers can wrap a piece of string around their finger. After marking where the string overlaps, they can measure the length using a ruler. This measurement can then be matched to our sizing chart for an accurate ring size.

The Pinkie Trick:

For those seeking a surprise ring, especially men shopping for women's engagement rings, measuring their own little or pinkie finger can often correspond to the size of their partner's ring finger. This clever trick provides a close estimate without giving away the surprise.

In-Store Ring Sizing:

Visit our shop for a personalized experience. Our experts can measure your ring size accurately, ensuring a perfect fit for any ring you choose.

Proposal Diamond Route:

Explore our unique proposal diamond route, allowing you to buy the diamond beforehand. This process involves building the ring around it with your partner, ensuring an accurate and personalized fit.

To learn more about the Proposal Diamond, click here.

Bracelet and Bangle Size Guide

Using a Tape Measure:
Gently wrap a flexible tape measure around your wrist, ensuring it's snug but not tight. Take note of the measurement in inches or centimetres. For a comfortable fit, add a little extra based on personal preference, typically 0.5 to 1 inch (1.27 to 2.54 cm) for a snug fit and up to 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) for a looser fit.

Checking the Knuckle Space:
For bracelets that need to slide over your hand, measure the length between your first and last knuckle when your hand is closed in a fist. This measurement ensures the bracelet can comfortably slide on and off your hand without being too loose around your wrist.

Cuff Bracelet Measurement:
For cuff bracelets, measure the horizontal circumference of your wrist (Across your wrist bone). Then, measure the depth of your wrist from the top to the bottom. These measurements will ensure a cuff bracelet fits both around your wrist and provides a comfortable depth when worn.

Taking these precise measurements ensures your bracelet will not only fit comfortably but also accentuate your style elegantly. For a customized fit, feel free to visit our store, where our experts can assist you in finding the perfect bracelet tailored to your unique measurements.

Necklace Size Guide

Standard Lengths: Necklace lengths often come in standard sizes like 16 inches, 18 inches, or 20 inches, each indicating where the necklace will rest on the wearer’s body.

Adjustable Chains: Many necklaces feature adjustable lengths, such as "18 inches adjustable at 16 inches." This means the necklace can be worn at both 16 inches and 18 inches, offering versatility in styling. To measure, wrap a flexible tape measure around your neck to see where different lengths would fall and choose the one that suits your preference.


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