Journey Collection

This ring design has become our speciality and holds beautiful sentimental value every time. Named the journey ring due to being created using inherited metals and gemstones, this ring takes inspiration from family trees with its vine-like interweaving design. A modern design with an incredible story.
Sentimental Design
Our sentimental design allows the inherited jewellery to flow effortlessly around your finger. The curves intertwine around each gemstone, forming a connection between each generational component. The root-like design acts in conjunction with a family tree connecting everything together.
Incredible Story
Continue your jewellery journey. By recycling inherited or unused jewellery, you can give it an all-new lease of life. Every piece of jewellery has a story behind it, whether that's a special moment, a memory, or a gift. So don't let your jewellery rot in a drawer. The story deserves to live on.
No two rings are the same - That's the beauty of using inherited jewellery. Gemstones and materials will change from design to design. Working alongside you, we can create a modern design which holds all the emotion and incredible stories each component possesses.
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