Custom Memorial Ashes Jewellery | Personalized Keepsakes for Loved Ones & Pets

At Neil Rayment Goldsmiths, we understand that memorializing a loved one, be they human or pet, is a profoundly personal journey. That's why we offer a bespoke service, collaborating closely with you to craft custom pieces that capture the essence, style, and personalization that genuinely reflect the unique spirit of your loved one or cherished pet.

Personalized Design Process

Our journey begins with you. Drawing on sentimentality, aesthetic preferences, style, and inspiration, we create a piece that's not just jewellery but a profound symbol of love and memory. Each design is tailored to embody the essence of your loved one, incorporating elements that are meaningful to you, whether it's a specific colour, pattern, or motif that holds special significance.

'This exquisite ring was crafted with profound sentiment and reverence, transforming a client's cherished heirloom—her mother's frequently worn rings—into a new legacy piece. We meticulously remodelled these treasures into a band adorned with delicate leaf motifs, symbolizing growth and eternal connection. At the heart of this creation lies a vibrant jade, selected for its significance as the mother's favourite stone. Concealed behind this jade, we carefully set the ashes, ensuring that the essence and spirit of the mother remain closely embraced within this extraordinary piece. This ring is a testament to enduring love and the beautiful continuity of memory.'

Transforming Ashes into Art

We set the ashes of your loved ones in beautifully coloured resin, transforming them into a centrepiece of your custom jewellery. At their core, ashes are carbon - the same foundation for all life and the base element in the structure of diamonds and other gemstones. This process not only immortalizes your loved one but also connects them to the timeless beauty of nature. It's a poetic convergence of life's essence, captured within the craft of jewellery making.

'In this delicate process, we gently integrate the enamelled ashes into the collet, laying the foundation for the jade to be precisely set.'

Celebrating Life's Beauty

Our work reminds us of the cycle of life and the natural world's enduring beauty. Just as gemstones are formed through time under the Earth's surface, the ashes you entrust to us undergo a transformation, melding with resin to create something precious and enduring. This symbolic gesture not only honours your loved one but also celebrates the natural cycle of life and the lasting impact of their presence in the world.

'In the first consultation of our design process, this drawing represents a bespoke necklace remodel, a tender homage to a client's mother. It beautifully melds her love for gardening and Tolkien, setting the foundation for a piece that captures her essence. This initial stage is where memories begin their transformation into lasting tributes.'

Our Commitment to You

Creating your bespoke ashes jewellery is a responsibility we hold with the highest regard. From the initial consultation to the final touches, we ensure the process is inclusive, respectful, and transparent. We invite you to share stories, inspirations, and the essence of your loved one, allowing us to craft a piece that truly resonates with your heart.

'The final piece, radiating with emotion and exquisite craftsmanship, is a testament to the client's satisfaction. It stands as a beautiful homage, skilfully embodying cherished memories and emotions in a tangible form of artistry.'

Begin Your Journey with Us

We welcome you to reach out, share your vision, and explore the possibilities together. Let us create a lasting tribute that keeps your loved one close, not just in memory but in a piece of artistry you can cherish forever.

'In homage to a cherished passion, we meticulously crafted a sterling silver pendant shaped into the iconic form of a Land Rover Discovery—a nod to the father's hobby of collecting and restoring these vehicles before his passing. With precision and care, the model was hollowed out to enshrine the father's ashes, now beautifully enamelled and securely placed within. This transformation into a pendant, accompanied by a sleek chain, creates a deeply personal and meaningful piece. It symbolizes the enduring bond between father and child, memorializing the father's passions and presence in a unique, wearable tribute.'


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