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Jewellery Designer-Maker/Director

Neil Rayment stands as a luminary in the realm of jewellery craftsmanship, his journey a vibrant tapestry woven with artistic brilliance and unyielding dedication. Beginning with Fine Art studies at Canterbury University, he honed his skills at the esteemed Medway College of Art and Design. Embarking on an illustrious career, he apprenticed under a celebrated silversmith in Hatton Garden, cultivating a profound understanding of jewellery artistry. Neil's exceptional talent led him to launch his own venture in London at the age of 23, garnering recognition, including the 'Young Designer of the Year' title at the UK Jewellery Awards. An intriguing twist saw him embrace acting, featuring in the iconic Matrix series while crafting bespoke wedding rings for co-star Laurence Fishburne. Today, Neil's passion continues to burn bright as he hones his craft in his Cardiff Bay studio shopfront, an embodiment of creativity and expertise.


Apprentice Jewellery Designer-Maker

Originally hailing from the scenic town of Caernarfon, Elan pursued a comprehensive three-year jewellery design and creation course at Birmingham University. Since the beginning of October, Elan has embarked on an exciting journey as an Apprentice at 'Neil Rayment Goldsmiths.' Here, under the guidance of seasoned artisans, Elan is honing skills, embracing creativity, and contributing to the legacy of fine craftsmanship.


Social Media & Marketing

Mitchal has been an invaluable member of our goldsmith team since May 2021. His expertise spans social media management, web design, advertising, and stylized photoshoots. With a background in Psychology and IT, Mitchal seamlessly integrates creativity and technology, deftly solving challenges along the way. His proficiency extends beyond work – he finds joy in music, regularly attending festivals and gigs. Mitchal's multifaceted skills and passions make him an asset to our team.


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