Film & TV

Unlock the magic of Adamas Studios Ltd., our sister site dedicated to the extraordinary world of TV and Film props. From crafting majestic crowns to vintage jewels, we seamlessly blend the artistry of goldsmithing with the allure of cinematic creations. Immerse yourself in the realm where imagination meets reality, where we've lent our expertise to renowned shows like Dr. Who, Discovery of Witches, and captivating Netflix, BBC, and Sky dramas.

Prop Creation

Rooted in artisan craftsmanship, Adamas Studio Ltd seamlessly merges traditional silversmithing techniques with modern rapid prototyping, achieving authentic and diverse creations. Our extensive skill set empowers us to tackle any project, recognizing the importance of tight timescales and on-time delivery. We prioritize collaboration, uphold confidentiality, navigate complex designs, and maintain clear communication throughout every project stage. Amidst various pressures, our team approaches challenges with a positive attitude. At Adamas, we thrive on making and creating, inviting you to discuss any project with us. Reach out, and let's bring your ideas to life.

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Professional Film & TV Prop Service

Explore the epitome of professionalism in film and TV prop creation at Adamas Studio. Originating as seasoned trade manufacturers catering to the jewellery industry, our transition in 2018 saw us exclusively focusing on prop-based commissions, strategically filling a unique market gap. With a blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary techniques, we bring over 25 years of design and manufacturing experience to deliver outstanding props with meticulous attention to detail. Our extensive expertise uniquely positions us to meet the precise requirements of specialist prop manufacturing, handling diverse projects with passion and excellence, regardless of scale.

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Computer Aided Design (CAD)

As trailblazers in the early adoption of CAD for jewellery design, Adamas Studio excels in mastering the intricacies required to craft real models primed for one-off production or manufacturing. Boasting over 25 years of expertise in the art of jewellery making, our team stands out as industry leaders, utilizing CAD to create pieces of the utmost precision and quality. Our profound understanding of the jewellery sector, coupled with extensive experience in CAD software and in-house CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) capabilities, positions us as the preferred choice for both large-scale manufacturers and independent retailers alike. Our commitment to seamlessly integrating hand-skills and traditional craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques ensures the delivery of flawless original works with every project.

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Rapid Prototyping & Model Making

Adamas harnesses state-of-the-art rapid prototyping with the Solidscape Max2 high-precision 3D wax-up printer, prioritizing time, cost, and quality in custom model production. Embracing material advancements and expanded additive manufacturing dimensions, we provide a versatile range for diverse projects, including large-scale single-item prototyping. Our dedication to innovation encompasses high-resolution object scanning, direct laser sintering, and other cutting-edge technologies, ensuring excellence in rapid prototyping services.

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