How To Choose An Engagement Ring

Choose the Innovative New Promise Ring Service With Neil Rayment Goldsmiths
You've decided to propose to your partner - congratulations!
This is an exciting time full of plans and expectation, but we at Neil Rayment Jewellery understand it can also be a bit scary. That’s why we’ve pulled together some comforting research to show you what other proposers, ring-shoppers to be, and brides are thinking about – and we have an innovative service to share with you that can make proposals so much smoother, more exciting, and less stressful.
Results of a survey carried out by wedding inspiration website found that over 30% of those planning to pop the question are most worried about presenting their loved one with the perfect proposal – including their ideal ring.
We empathise with this worry – after all, jewellery style is an incredibly personal thing, and the desire for a perfect piece is intensified when it comes to an engagement ring. It’s a symbol of your commitment and love that will remain on your finger for your whole life.
Engagement Ring Design and Craftsmanship - Most Important Factors
With this in mind, it makes sense to hear that attention to detail is considered more important than other factors when selecting an engagement ring, according to research by US jeweller Gunderson. The three most popular answers were ring design, diamond quality, and craftsmanship, with ring design being the most important at 42%.
This research underpins our values here at Neil Rayment Jewellery, Cardiff. We believe in the importance of ring design, gem quality and craftsmanship, which is why we craft only bespoke engagement rings that are completely unique, and custom-made for each individual with personally sourced gems. Our tailor made engagement rings are created with input from the wearer, who spends time with Master Maker Neil, and understands how the piece is made, so it is much more likely they will cherish it forever than something perhaps bought with the best of intentions off the peg, but is not quite right for them.
A Third of Brides Would Consider Upgrading Their Engagement Ring
Of the brides surveyed by Confetti, almost a third said that they would definitely consider upgrading their engagement ring – whether right now or at some point in the future. Plus, over 50% admitted they probably wouldn’t feel comfortable confessing if the ring wasn’t what they had been hoping for.
Gunderson’s research reports that 38% of couples think they should shop together for engagement rings, while 62% believe engagement should be a surprise. These convincing results for both together and surprise have long supported our ideas at Neil Rayment Jewellery. We believe a surprise proposal is a wonderful thing, but as our research findings highlight, a surprise ring is often the opposite – it can lead the proposer to buy something unsuitable off the peg out of pressure. We believe in saying “I do” at your wedding with the perfect ring to celebrate your love and commitment.
A Surprise Proposal With The Promise of A Perfect Ring:
Our Promise Ring Service At Neil Rayment Jewellery
Our Promise Ring Service at Neil Rayment Jewellery is designed to support the exciting planning and surprise of a wedding proposal, while allowing the bride or groom who’ll be proposed to, to create the bespoke engagement ring of their dreams with our Master Jeweller Neil Rayment, right here in his Cardiff studio. The best of both worlds.
How does our Promise Ring Service work?
1. Contact Neil Rayment Jewellery on 029 2132 8114 or by using our online form:
2. Let us knowing that you’re planning to propose and want Master Maker Neil Rayment to create a bespoke engagement ring for your partner. We’ll discuss budget (your partner won’t need to hear these details) and if you’re ready to book, you’ll make a deposit on the ring.
3. We give you a beautiful Neil Rayment box, bag, gift voucher – and Promise Ring, which is a colourful rubber model. You can now add to all the excitement of proposing to your partner by presenting them with a Promise Ring - which represents a promise they can plan their very own custom made ring with Neil Rayment.
4. Make an appointment for you and your partner to come in and start planning your ring together. This can be set up in advance, or you can give us a call once you’ve heard that all important, “Yes!” We’ll brew some fresh coffee, put on some music, and discuss design and gems together. Feel free to bring your ideas and pictures along. We’ll look forward to giving you a lovely experience, and helping you celebrate your wedding with your one of a kind engagement ring.
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