How We Choose Your Diamonds

Neil is an expert in diamond selection
Today, there is a huge amount of information about diamonds online, and most of it can be included in the '4Cs' - Colour, Clarity, Carat and Cut. Delving through the information yourself can be a minefield, much of what you'll find is driven by price and salesmanship rather than careful and considered knowledge. Neil, with 25 years of diamond purchasing experience, knows the subtle characteristics of these unique stones, and considers all the elements to make the right choice for your one off design in the making.
Neil will guide you through a collection of specially selected stones
In most cases, Neil selects his diamonds with a good idea of the design ahead, yet he sometimes alters designs to best suit the chosen stone. Neil chooses a perfect selection of stones to fit both budget and those '4Cs' - Colour, Clarity, Carat, Cut. In the comfort of our Bute Street Studio, you can relax and look at the beauty of the diamonds tailor picked for you, while Neil talks through the qualities of each one in detail. Topics might include proportion, or the colour verses clarity. Whatever points are discussed, they will all be explained, and each diamond comes with a unique certification along with Neil's knowledge. He will always give you his preferred stone choice but ultimately if you fall in love with one particular stone, you can be assured that you have made the best choice.
How we find the very best stone
Neil Rayment Jewellery has been sourcing diamonds for over two decades from the established diamond bourses of the world and associated suppliers. Neil has on many occasion travelled to Antwerp, the diamond centre of the world - to personally select stones for clients.
Ethically sourced materials are very important to the company policy, that's why Neil Rayment Jewellery use only certified stones that adhere to Kimberley process.
We stock an exclusive range of beautiful diamonds, and we can also rely on our trusted suppliers. Our suppliers can find the very best stones and value for money, enabling master maker Neil to present at short notice the very best cuts and colours on the market, at the most up-to-date prices.
Stone's final journey
Once you have chosen the perfect stone, Neil Rayment Jewellery will take you through the final stages of design and craftsmanship. If you'd like Neil to produce a custom piece using one of your existing stones, he is very happy to work in this way. Whether yours is a family heirloom, gifted or purchased online, the service and craftsmanship you will receive is the same.
Neil sees it as his privilege to work with materials born a billion year ago from volcanic beginnings. He wants the best possible outcome for each client and each diamond, that's why he commits all of his knowledge and expertise to produce a perfect piece of jewellery for you.
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