Breathing New Life into Memories: The Transformation of a Cherished Watch

In the heart of every piece of jewellery lies a story, a tale of love, memory, and the passage of time. For one of our cherished customers, this story was embedded in a watch that belonged to her mother. Although time had halted its tick, its emotional value was timeless. Faced with the challenge of a non-functioning watch but wanting to preserve its sentimental essence, she approached us with a vision we were more than honoured to bring to life.

Her idea was as unique as it was heartfelt – to transform the watch face into a stunning piece of jewellery, using marquise sapphires and white diamonds to accentuate a large, striking marquise emerald at the centre. The watch band, rich in memories, was to be preserved, serving as the bracelet for this new creation. Each stone was chosen for its beauty and significance, weaving a story of the past into the fabric of the future.

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