From Falcon to Fine Art: Crafting Arabic Heritage

Collaborating hand-in-hand with Saker Arts, we embarked on a monumental venture that transcended the boundaries of art and craftsmanship. Commissioned for an exclusive project, our task was nothing short of extraordinary: to design and meticulously craft a range of exquisite objets d'art inspired by the deep-rooted Arabic tradition of falconry.

The challenge was monumental, the standards uncompromising. The pieces we were entrusted to create weren't just objects but reflections of a cherished cultural heritage. Each detail had to be nothing less than perfect, every curve and contour a homage to the grace and power of the majestic falcon.

The Falcon heads, sculpted meticulously, were modelled after a champion falcon revered in Arabic history. In the heart of Arabic culture, falcons are not just birds; they are emblems of status, honour, and a deep-rooted connection to the land. These pieces weren't destined for just anyone; they were crafted with the grace and dignity befitting royalty.

This bespoke collection, a fusion of tradition and innovation, extended beyond the falcon heads. It embraced a world of elegance, encapsulated in a radiant bangle and two sets of cufflinks, each unique and expertly crafted. Diamonds, both set and unset, found their homes in our designs, meticulously placed to capture the light and echo the splendour of the Arabic heritage they represent.

Our team's skills were pushed to their limits to create these masterpieces. Digital precision met artisanal finesse. Hand engravings told stories and every hollow bronze casting held a piece of history. With a 44-carat diamond gracing one of our creations, perfection was not just a goal; it was the very essence of our work.

In the heart of these objets d'art, the spirit of a champion falcon soared, and the heritage of Arabic nobility found a voice. Each piece was not just a testament to our craftsmanship but a celebration of tradition, an ode to the powerful bond between man and falcon that has graced the Arabic lands for centuries. The collaboration with Saker Arts resulted in more than just art; it became a legacy, embodying the very essence of Arabic grandeur and heritage.


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