Trial of the Pyx, New Commemorative Hallmark & More

King Charles III's Coronation Commemorative Mark Available from 1st March 2023

Trial of the Pyx

The Trial of the Pyx ceremony dates back 700 years with the aim to protect consumers by maintaining the quality of the nation's coinage through vigorous testing. This year is especially significant as the largest coin ever created by the Royal Mint (15kg Gold) was submitted. It is also the first time in several decades that coins bearing two monarchs will be tested simultaneously.

A Full UK Hallmark

The British Hallmark is the leading standard worldwide and the one we use for our jewellery. A hallmark tells you many things about your jewellery (see image), and none are more trustworthy or skilfully applied than those stamped by The Goldsmith Company. With the help of their expert services, we offer our customers both punched and laser hallmarks. This guarantees security and quality to clients and adds something unique to the design.

King Charles III Coronation Mark

A first look at the new commemorative hallmark celebrating King Charles III's coronation signifying a pivotal moment in our nation's life. This hallmark is available to customers from 1st March 2023.

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