The Incredible Restoration of a £40,000 Diamond-Set Cartier Watch

In our world, precision and perfection are the norms. So, when a loyal customer, a friend, walked in with a £40,000 diamond-set Cartier watch marred by the ravages of sea water, it became a personal mission to restore it to its former glory. What we found was not just a watch but a piece of their history, battered by rust and diamond loss. The challenge was immense, with no other establishment willing to take on this intricate restoration. But for us, it was a matter of loyalty and showcasing our unwavering commitment to our craft.

This watch, once a dazzling masterpiece, had been submerged in the unforgiving sea, corroding both its exterior and interior components. Rust had crept in relentlessly, and missing diamonds had left gaping holes in its once-impeccable façade. But we couldn't turn away from this task. It was about trust, loyalty, and demonstrating our dedication to our clients.

Rusted inner components of the Cartier watch

We began delicately disassembling the watch, revealing the extent of the damage. While we're renowned for our expertise in jewellery and diamond craftsmanship, repairing Cartier watches demanded a different kind of know-how. Luckily, our extensive network in and around London proved invaluable. We worked closely with a trusted associate, a renowned watch repair specialist, who shared our commitment to excellence.

Every element of the watch underwent meticulous restoration. The diamonds, which had lost their lustre, were painstakingly revived. The band and the watch face, battered by the sea, were meticulously polished and cleaned. The inner components, corroded and dysfunctional, were replaced and restored to their former glory. When we reassembled the watch, it was nothing short of miraculous – it gleamed as if it had just left the Cartier showroom.

This story underscores our unyielding commitment to our clients, friends, and the crafts we hold dear. It reflects our dedication to going the extra mile, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges. Whether it's through our own expertise or our extensive network of trusted associates, we have the resources, skills, and determination to restore and repair the most cherished pieces.

At Neil Rayment Goldsmiths, we are more than jewellers; we are craftsmen, restorers, and guardians of cherished memories. This remarkable restoration isn't just about bringing a watch back to life; it's about preserving the stories, connections, and bonds that our pieces represent. It's a testament to our status as experts in our field, willing to take on the extraordinary to ensure our clients' satisfaction.


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